Why not to choice NordVpn

NordVpn is regulary being subject to security vulnerability
NordVPN insecure direct object expose users data
One of our servers was rooted NordVPN hacked : by remote management tool
NordVpn is not OpenSource
Strange traffic from NordVpn client most likely a backdoor
NordVpn does not provide secure and private registration
Registration to NordVpn require javascript to be enabled
Logs collected by NordVpn are keept 2 years
NordVpn lack of technical abilities
Developper of Proxychains slam NordVpn of being useless
Server provided by NordVpn are from third-party, giving a limited control.
NordVpn claim to operate from Panama
Anyone can make register a Panama company easily
Phone number of Nordvpn is in United Kingdom +442071932403
NordVpn reputation made by monetisation
Review found on Google are dishonest and only target affiliation Win money by making a review for NordVpn
Any video on youtube is welcome : Advertise Nordvpn to your follower and get high commission
Nordvpn is made by shady people
No background, no information NordVPN, suspicious company can look all your internet activity
Don't be a fool
Keep in mind that a vpn service provider can look at your entire activity, nobody known including you who is behind...
ONLY -> Tor project <- can protect your privacy, no VPN especially NordVpn can pretend to do so.
Despite being untrustworthy, if you absolutely need a VPN, at least pick a clean one Mullvad